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At 20 state-of-the-art training centers, our apprentices receive the education and instruction to turn them into highly skilled and highly trained tradesmen and tradeswomen.

The earn while you learn model found within the registered apprenticeship programs operated by Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees with one of the 27 Local Unions and District Councils affiliated with the Santa Clara San Benito BCTC, provides the basis for a personally satisfying and lucrative career.

Apprentices earn while they learn, meaning they receive on-the-job training from experienced journeymen, gaining valuable insight and knowledge on a number of different aspects of their job, while earning a living wage and health insurance and retirement benefits. Additionally, apprentices also receive free mandatory classroom instruction, where they are taught many of the fundamentals and advanced concepts they will use throughout their career and also undergo industry leading OSHA safety training certifications.

In addition to apprenticeship training, our affiliated JATCs also offer journeymen upgrade training. This helps our journeymen stay on top of the latest techniques and technology upgrades, helping them perform their work more safely and efficiently, which helps to reduce costs. By undergoing journeymen upgrade training, our members re-invest in themselves and help maintain a highly trained and skilled construction worker.

To learn more about the admission requirements and terms of apprenticeship training for a specific construction trade, please visit the affiliated JATC Apprenticeship page:

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