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Carpenters Local 2236

Address: 115 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607
Hours: 115 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607m

When they accept applications: Year-round

About the Union: We are Carpenters, Millmen, Shipwrights, Furniture Workers, Industrial Carpenters, and a host of affiliated Specialty crafts.

About the Local: Carpenters Local 2236 was chartered July 1, 1988 and is made up of the following consolidations/dissolutions:
July 1, 1988: Consolidation of Millmen’s Local Union 42, Shipwrights Local Union 1149, Furniture Workers Local Union 3141, and Industrial Carpenters Local Union 2565;
November 1, 1989: Consolidation of Millmen’s Local Union 550;
February 1, 1991: Consolidation of Tile, Marble, Terrazzo Finishers, Precast Concrete & Shopworkers Local 7T;
November 1, 2010: Dissolution of Millmen’s Local 1618 and Industrial Carpenters Local 262;
March 7, 2019: Dissolution of Carpenters Industrial Council Local 3074.

Union Leadership: David Imus, Financial Secretary-Treasurer

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