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Carpenters Union Local 2236

Address: 115 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607
Hours: 7am-5pm
Phone: Office: (510) 446-2236 Cell: (510) 457- 6694 Fax: (510) 457-2236

When they accept applications: Year round

About the Union: The Residential Carpenter builds all types of residential structures including tract homes, custom homes, apartments and townhouses. The Residential Carpenter is involved in many aspects of the process, from layout, foundation framing, and structural framing, to door and window installation, exterior and interior finish, roofs and stairs.

The Commercial Carpenter concentrates on commercial and public structures such as offices, malls, churches, schools, hospitals, hotels, parking structures, stadiums and bridges. This work ranges from single story to high rise, and includes foundation and reinforced concrete framing, layout, structural wood and metal framing, timber framing, finish work and fixture installation. Today’s Commercial Carpenter is in the forefront of modern technology, utilizing computers and lasers as an integral part of the construction process.

The Industrial Carpenter is involved in the construction of such critical operations facilities as refineries, high-tech electronic plants and campuses, clean rooms, factories, laboratories and power stations. This highly specialized work may require security clearances, drug testing and specialized work clothing.

About the Local: We are Carpenters, Millmen, Cabinetmakers, Shipwrights, Furniture Workers,​ Industrial Carpenters, and a host of affiliated ​Specialty ​crafts.

Union Leadership: Arturo Rodriguez, President

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