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For decades in Santa Clara and San Benito County, the Building & Construction Trades Council has been the driving force for excellence in the construction industry.
The twenty-three craft unions affiliated with the council represent over 30,000 highly trained, skilled construction industry workers employed in Silicon Valley.
Through the efforts of the Building Trades Council, Silicon Valley has enjoyed the highest level of professionalism and training , in step with the increasingly demanding requirements of the region's high technology companies and

developers. Skilled training for today's needs and tomorrow's dreams is accomplished through the Apprenticeship Programs of the Building Trades Council's affiliated unions. The apprentices receive training on the latest techniques for their craft through more then fifteen federal and state accredited programs in the county. When men and women graduate as journey level crafts persons after approximately four years of training, equal to an AA Degree, they are equipped to deliver the highest quality product available in the world.
The Building Trades Council, through its Labor-Management Committees, is always looking for ways to accomplish the job better and more affordable.
Because the Building Trades Council believes in reinvesting in our community, many quality, affordable residential, commercial and industrial construction projects are funded through the use of billions of dollars in union pension assets.
In addition, the Council engages in extensive community and charitable activities, as you will see through the pages of this website.
As craft people, we are not wards of the state or local government. In fact, we supply millions of dollars in taxes that help our community and meet the needs of those less fortunate.
Our health and welfare and pension plans allow workers to have the best in health care and have the security of a pension plan for their retirement.
Union crafts people are twenty-nine percent more productive than or non-union counterparts.
For a job done on time, at budget and the best quality-build it union.